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Our purpose is to connect
communities to their pasts and preserve a link to their histories through public outreach and engagement. Locality Research and Preservation (LRP) focuses on reconstructing the stories of places, events, and people that have all shaped modern communities in order to enrich peoples’ connection to place and community. It uses a combination of archaeological evidence, historic documentation, and oral narrative to create a dynamic vision of an otherwise static past that is at risk of being lost.

Conservation of history also means the dissemination of information to local communities. To meet this goal, LRP seeks to educate the communities in which it operates. Education takes many forms including, but not limited to: lectures/classes, community collaborations, museum displays, interpretive installations, and conservation and management of historic and prehistoric assets. The overarching goal of these educational endeavors is to engage the public living in a particular area with the dynamic histories of the places surrounding them.

Past and ongoing projects include:

  1. Community lectures on local history ("Using Archaeology to Reconstruct Trade Patterns" and "What’s in a Name: Stories Behind Northbay Place Names")

  2. Public hands-on archaeology workshop "Making and Identifying Stone Tools"

  3. Post-fire restoration at the Jesse Peters Museum (artifact inspection, clean-up, and redesign of museum exhibits)

  1. Education Outreach Program (brings local archaeology into elementary, middle, and high school classrooms and engages students with the past)

  1. Teacher Resources on anthropology (provides activities and materials for teachers to use in their classrooms to engage students with anthropology)

  1. Mock Archaeological Excavation (gives students the opportunity to excavate a ‘real’ archaeological site and learn about the principles of excavation and archaeological interpretation)

  1. Weekly social media posts on events relating to local history/archaeology

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