Ellen Cole became interested in anthropology when she was in school. She then took ‘Mesoamerican Origins’ at Santa Rosa Junior College with Michelle Hughes-Markovics and Ellen says it changed her life (not to sound dramatic). She began taking every anthropology class she could and fell more and more in love with the subject. Ellen now plans to become an anthropologist and hopes to teach at the high school or college level, introducing this amazing subject to younger age groups. She wants to change the way people see anthropologists from the stereotypical ‘old British white men’ to young and determined women and men who are interested in where we came from. Ellen currently attends Santa Rosa Junior College, and plans to transfer to University of California Santa Cruz to finish her BS in anthropology. She then hopes to attend the University of Washington to pursue a Masters or PhD.

Locality Research and Preservation’s ongoing mission is what drew Ellen to this internship opportunity, as she feels it is both an interesting and significant way to help the community reconnect to its past. “If we do not look at our own past how are we supposed to learn from it and make today better?” she asks.


Meet Our Wonderful Intern: Ellen Cole

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