Jay Reti is trained as a Paleoanthropologist, having conducted 12 years of work and research at archaeological sites in Kenya and Tanzania.  He began his research as an undergraduate at UCLA, pursuing summer research at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Koobi Fora, Kenya.  He decided to pursue his graduate degrees and focused on the origins of human reliance on technology at Rutgers University.  His dissertation, “Methods for determining differential behaviors in stone tool production and application to the Oldowan of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Koobi Fora, Kenya,” developed a methodology to statistically identify how early stone tools were produced.

Over the last three years, Jay’s research has transitioned to more modern stone tool technologies and applying a similar methodological approach to their analysis.  Jay is currently a Research Associate in the Anthropology Department at UC Santa Cruz and also lectures at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College.  He lives in Sebastopol, CA with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter Norah.
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