Westby Mize provides an historian’s perspective to Locality. As an undergraduate at The Evergreen State College, Westby studied the intersection of race and gender in the development of the American West. After earning his BA he served as an AmeriCorps member at Academy of the Redwoods high school in Eureka, CA. He planned on using his AmeriCorps experience as a springboard into a career as a high school history teacher. Those plans were subsequently put on hold when San Francisco’s siren song became too difficult for him to resist.

After working for several years as an administrative staffer at the University of San Francisco, Westby became interested once more in working as a historian, and was accepted in to the Capital Campus Public History master’s program at California State University, Sacramento. As part of his masters, he assisted Preservation Sacramento’s board members with the planning of the organization’s 2015 historic home tour. His thesis, Building a Legacy: People, Politics, and Historic Preservation in Sacramento, explored how preservation shapes the 20th century development of California’s capital city.

Westby currently works as a park guide at Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond. He meets the Secretary of Interior Professional Standards as an Historian and as an Architectural Historian. While he's not exactly a stoic man, ask him about Jane Jacobs if you are interested in seeing him become way too animated for his own good!

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